Prokeep presents the messaging app for the construction industry

Prokeep introduced an upgrade to its popular SMS application for managing supplier-to-customer communications. Five new high-demand features will allow distributors to expand the channels used by customers to connect with them, enrich relationships and build new ones.

  • No longer just to send SMS

Prokeep has upgraded its original text-only app to a multi-channel mobile messaging solution. Send or receive messages from any cell phone. This multi-channel capability increases productivity, enriches the customer service experience and builds customer loyalty.

“Finally, counter staff and their teams can get away from their desks while working with a client. Check stock, send a photo or product code, monitor your inbox and send notifications from anywhere, ”explains the co-founder and head of the Prokeep customer team. Jack Carrere.

  • Internal messaging connects everyone

Prokeep’s new internal messaging opens communication between all staff, branch to branch, representative to representative or manager to employee within the same system as external customers. Team members can also search for past conversations.

“It’s time for companies to move away from buying separate systems for internal and external communication. It takes up valuable time and risks losing important information or context, ”Carrere adds.

  • Announcements to all

A powerful new announcements tool allows one-to-many messages to be delivered to promote new products, announce trainings or communicate changes in store opening hours. Distributors can even catalyze new conversations with customers by announcing urgent opportunities to add an on-time order for a truck already scheduled for delivery nearby, generating new, last-minute business.

Spam? Certainly not! This broadcast messaging feature works from a dedicated phone line, which minimizes the possibility of being flagged as spam as can promotional email. Customers can respond to broadcast messages individually and distributors can respond directly. You can also pre-program the output of these messages.

Prokeep’s new application programming interface (API) automatically sends a text when triggered by a company’s third-party software or system. These programmable texts can communicate on order status, shipping information, receipts, contact details, etc.

  • Connect with your website

For those with online customers, Prokeep’s new Web Connect feature will provide faster response times to customer inquiries and leads submitted online. Customers can submit questions through the website and connect directly with the same over-the-counter salesperson they typically know and see on a daily basis. Web Connect protects businesses from spam messages by blocking fake phone numbers.

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