RoboKiller Enterprise offers spam-free protection for all businesses

A suite of software solutions prevents robocalls and robotexts from disrupting communication channels

NEW YORK, October 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — RoboKiller Companya suite of FCC-compliant phone anti-spam solutions designed to protect your business reputation and stop robocalls on your business lines and mobile devices, announced the launch of a new offering: anti-spam protection with minimal integration effort.

To showcase the product, RoboKiller Enterprise will participate in the Cloud Communications Summit on October 18-19 in Chicago. The RoboKiller Enterprise team is at Table #15, where attendees can visit and learn more about RoboKiller Enterprise’s CPaaS-enabled spam blocking technology and full suite of products.

The new RoboKiller Enterprise offering includes the following features:

  • Easy setup and configuration that allows businesses to tailor their dashboard and call blocking sensitivity settings to meet unique business needs. Users can manage block and allow lists, custom call events, pre-recorded announcements and stay in control of all aspects of their business.
  • Audio fingerprint technology to combat phone number spoofing and seamlessly block incoming spam calls. RoboKiller Enterprise has the most comprehensive database of known spam calls and blocks up to 99.9% of spam calls.
  • Access to RoboKiller’s database of over 1.5 billion spam numbers, growing every day. RoboKiller Enterprise’s patented and proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning technology protects consumers from harmful robocalls and robotexts and has prevented more than $400 million in losses due to fraud.

Additionally, if companies seek to comply with STIR/SHAKEN and institute a automated call mitigation plan, RoboKiller Enterprise will keep your network spam free. Visit our website or speak to a member of our sales team at [email protected].

About RoboKiller Enterprise
Created by Teltech, the mind behind the award-winning RoboKiller app, RoboKiller Enterprise is a suite of FCC-compliant robocall mitigation solutions designed to protect businesses from spam. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning, real-time decision making, and other advanced technologies, RoboKiller Enterprise protects your business from potentially harmful spam calls and texts from day one. To learn more about RoboKiller Enterprise, visit

RoboKiller Enterprise, a Teltech brand, is a division of Mosaic Group, an IAC company (NASDAQ:IAC).

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