Sending group messages via WhatsApp Business App and API

The use of WhatsApp messaging services has become indispensable for many companies when it comes to communicating with their customers. Bulk messages are often sent by businesses through this channel in order to connect with multiple customers at the same time. All recipients of such a message see it arrive as a private message. Bulk messaging is especially useful for outbound marketing activities and can be sent through the WhatsApp Business app and WhatsApp API.

Using the WhatsApp Business app

When using the WhatsApp Business app, you can send a group message to a limited number of contacts at a time. However, a business account on this app can be used by up to four different users at a time. While this is fine for small businesses, it can become problematic if you have fairly large operations.

The process for sending bulk messages through the typical WhatsApp Business app is:

  • Open WhatsApp Business app
  • Go to cats
  • Find the “mailing lists” just above your most recent conversation
  • Add the phone numbers you want to send the message to this list
  • Name the list and send a group message
  • The list will be saved automatically, so you can send other broadcast messages to the same list later.

The use of WhatsApp Enterprise API

WhatsApp Business API would be much better WhatsApp group message sender as app for big business. Using the API, you can send a group message to up to 800 recipients per day. One of the main benefits of the WhatsApp Business API is that it allows you to send group messages to customers who have not saved your number in their contact list. This is not possible with the typical professional application. However, that doesn’t mean you should just spam a list of random contacts. It is important to ensure that the recipients have signed up at some point or are existing customers.

You will basically need to use message templates when sending a group message through the WhatsApp Business API. These messages must comply with WhatsApp’s commercial policy. Having to use post templates doesn’t mean you can’t customize them. With placeholders like [business name], [receiver name], [order number]and [date], you have enough opportunities to tailor mass messages to the recipient. A WhatsApp Chatbot or Business solution provider can help you send personalized group messages through their powerful APIs.

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