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It was my day before adjusting my life.

madness rules

5am ​​Alarm – Wake up, time to smash the HITT (High Intensity Interval Training) routine I set myself, once it’s done and my body is in various states of pain, swallow water in throat, then coffee.

Shower, brush your teeth, shave, not necessarily in that order. Hit the traffic, rush the office, check email, respond to urgent, gaze at others, ignore irrelevant and spam. More coffee.

Take on the challenges of the day. Stressful meetings and presentations are stressful because my step count is behind. I should be at 8,000 at this time of day. Also, I haven’t heard the latest news, I go on social media or YouTube, I’m getting more and more stressed as I try to catch up on my daily step count. I was trying to meet the expectations of an application, yes it is an application!

Taking my steps listening to the news is always bad news, good news doesn’t sell. It’s always fear. We have to live in a constant state of fear. Fear sells you and news apps know it. Now I’m even more stressed, after my step count increased based on my anxiety about world events.

Sanity rises

Hold! What am I doing on Earth? On the one hand, I allow social media, news apps, and step counting apps to control my life. Am I not stressed enough at work? Is work the place where challenges come from all angles at different times of the day and require quick but deep thinking and decisions?

Why would I add to my stress with these apps? Also, why am I crashing a HITT routine every morning? What about stretch and flexibility? Surely it will also help me stay in shape rather than sinking into oblivion?

Burpees suck and now my back hurts too from those bastards, and I mean ‘bastards’ not burpees, basically a burpee with a push up. (Some people also call them burpees.)

It was like a slow reveal of everything that was wrong with my day and why I was abrupt and irritable. I had gone from being human to being a machine. Being dictated by apps and media. It cost me and my family dearly.


Instead of jumping like a soldier when my alarm goes off, I slowed down a bit. Then I started my exercise and mixed my exercise routine with stretching and flexibility between HITT exercises.

Combining one or two stretches and yoga poses into the HITT routine helped, and then the most crucial thing I did was clear the apps. The step counter and the social media apps I have allowed to rule my life.

Now I have several walking routes that bring me closer to nature and I don’t worry about my steps every day. As long as I choose a walking route and complete it, I don’t care about my step count, and if I have to shorten the walk, due to work pressure, so be it.

I take back control. I recover flexibility and live like a real emotional and sensitive human being, not like a high-performance robot, beholden to applications and digital virtuality.

Taking time to “smell the roses” and taking more time in the morning to chat with my wife and daughter before hitting the traffic. (Yes traffic, some things I can’t change.)

I couldn’t believe how much control I had lost. I now listen to music, rather than alarmist news apps. Social media is a cesspool of negativity and sensationalist bullshit, and I can’t believe how little the opinions of the berserk (the continually offended) mean. It is as if a sea of ​​calm washed over me.

Applications and technology should work for us, not “work on us”. My realization that I was app-driven and not app-driven was a real eye-opener. I had a blind spot. I wonder how many of us have a similar blind spot?

I swapped coffee for tea in the morning and that also seemed to have a more calming effect on me.

The key for me was to get back to my apps life and give myself a break. Life is stressful enough without creating more stress based on the expectations we place on ourselves.

I hope you also audit your lifestyle and your day and find your peace among the madness.

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