SolarTaxi launches transport app for electric cars in Ghana

SolarTaxi, an electric mobility company in Ghana, has launched a dedicated electric car mobile app to provide customers with a green and cleaner option for their convenience and 80% cheaper value for money.

The SolarTaxi app was launched last week and will begin operations in Accra and focus on the East Legon and airport areas within a 10 kilometer radius.

Unlike other ridesharing apps that introduce higher prices during peak hours, SolarTaxi provides a standard charge every hour of the day, even during peak hours.

The manager of SolarTaxi Ride, Gilbert Sefa Nuworducommenting on the new initiative said: “as a company, we seek to offer new and innovative means of transport. Our main objective is to offer e-mobility services in a clean and environmentally friendly way. SolarTaxi App is the new offering which will seek to provide cheap and affordable transportation to residents of East Legon and the airport within a 10km radius. All vehicles will be electric and we will offer rates 80% cheaper than what already exists on the market. We plan to ship 100 electric cars by the end of the year, which will translate into 100 jobs for young people.

The Ghana Solar Taxi was launched by Kumasi Hive in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation in September 2018. The initiative aims to reduce poverty, create jobs and protect the environment.

The SolarTaxi app is now available on Google Playstore and iOS Store.

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