South Side Sox Bird App Recap: White Sox 5, Orioles 3

It’s the second night in Baltimore. The White Sox are looking for a win against the Orioles. Let’s see how Tony La Russa decided to mismanage his team tonight.

Most important:

After last night, and broad gesturesa lot of people hate watching at this point.

Just at the right time.

We have a loaded bases situation with one out.

Gavin “Bonds” Sheets shows his hometown team to bring home two.

However, we know how this team works.

Lucas Giolito seems to be doing pretty well.

Just like Steve Stone and Jason Benetti.

The White Sox still look good, but some runs would definitely improve it.

Lucas Giolito went through five one-run fly innings as he headed for the mound in the sixth inning.

It must be nice.

It’s true.

The O’s also have very good players.

Seby Zavala channels his inner Yasmani Grandal and takes his second walk of the night.

Luis Robert continues his hitting streak and loads the bases.

But I think I’ve seen this movie before and I didn’t like the ending.

Abreu strikes.

For some reason, the O’s defense didn’t go for strength in the third, and Sheets got a base hit and a run to make it 3-1, Sox.

We’ll take it though.

Just the only small race in this round though.

Lucas Giolito is up for the seventh!

After a little jam, Kendall Graveman stepped in to help. But give up for Gio!

Yoán Moncada knows the clutch.

Let’s look at this again.

Elvis Andrus chose and placed third on a Romy González single. Thanks to a wild pitching attack, Andrus heads home and it’s 4-1, White Sox.

Are the White Sox any good?

Now if we could just get a few more base hits.

Andrew Vaughn: Excellent first baseman.

Is it Tinder? Or spam?

Singles and walks, White Sox style.

Liam Hendriks enters for the ninth with the Sox by four.

He’s not doing very well and the lead shrinks to 5-3, Sox.

It was close. But a winner!

Good night Twitter! See you tomorrow.

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