Stop Smartphone Spam With 49% Off This Call Blocker App

If you own a phone in 2022, you’re probably familiar with the nuisance of unwanted calls. At best, they ring your phone several times a day; worst case scenario, they cost you thousands. Luckily, the RoboKiller Spam Call & Text Blocker can help avoid them altogether – and it’s on sale for $19.99.

This application does much more than block unwanted spam. Using a predictive algorithm and cheeky pre-recorded conversation, it lets you give unwanted callers a taste of their own medicine. The combination of hands-on AI and light revenge has earned RoboKiller great user reviews on the Apple Store and Google Play.

RoboKiller maintains a database of over 500 million phone scammers and even works against “spoofed” calls that claim to be from a local number. If and when new scammers appear, you can easily add them to the list and customize your protections by reporting specific contacts or allowing others to pass.

The app detects incoming calls or text messages in a fraction of a second, picking them up before you even hear a ringtone. If it’s a call, RoboKiller engages the phone with a pre-recorded (and often hilarious) conversation, wasting the scammer’s time and preventing him from contacting other numbers on his list. You can even choose the conversation format from a library of hundreds of Answer Bot scripts.

PCMag readers can get a one-year subscription to RoboKiller Spam Call & Text Blocker for $19.99, which is 49% off the MSRP of $39.96.

Prices subject to change.

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