surfinlock provides protection against surfboard theft

Surfers may seem pretty laid back, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t surfboard thieves in their ranks. The surfinlock was designed with this in mind, as it allows surfers to lock their boards like bikes.

Invented by German surfer/engineer Florian Lohmann, the surfinlock is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign.

To use it, you start by removing one of the fins from the underside of your board and inserting the marine grade stainless steel surfinlock mechanism into the now empty fin plug. You then slide a bracket over the top of this mechanism on one side – so that it blocks access to the plug mounting screw – and insert an included 8mm braided steel locking cable through a hole of this medium. The other end of the cable is wrapped around a nearby stationary object, such as a sign post or vehicle roof rack.

Finally, you insert a cylindrical combination lock onto a steel shaft at the end of the cable. While this lock is in place, the cable cannot be pulled out through the hole in the board-mounted mechanism. Also, the mechanism cannot be removed from the board until the cable is removed, as the sliding bracket blocks access to the fin plug screw.

The Surfinlock works with third-party cables and padlocks


The system can also be used with third-party cables and padlocks, with the lock shackle passed through both the hole in the mechanism and the looped end of the cable.

Lohmann offers the Surfinlock in two models, for Futures and FCS plug formats. An extension for the Futures version includes a built-in wax comb and bottle opener – this extension is also included with the FCS version, so buyers of this model won’t miss the extra features.

If you’re interested, a commitment of €24 (about $25) will get you the surfinlock mechanism alone, while €42 ($44) is needed for a full setup including cable and padlock – assuming everything is going according to plan, that is. Estimated retail prices are €40 and €70 ($42 and $73), respectively.

The surfinlock is demonstrated in the video below.

surfinlock surfboard lock

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