Terrible app, continuous spam which every time it is reported no activity is resumed, blocks the sender

Dreadful application, consistent spam whenever no activity is reported to block the sender. We strongly believe that spam was supported by Grindr because even when a member subscribed, no action or response was taken regarding the complaints.

Even worse homosexual application

Homosexual application difficult. Do not use it. Save your precious time. They ban random pages and will not provide you with the cause. This is definitely a $ **** t app. I was banned for no reason other than completely knocking over a guy who was shot. Stay away from this failed app. Boycott this crappy app.

grindr try full against I a € ¦

grindr are complete frauds i got blackmailed here by anyone i’m wise about this these people maybe not interested in helping me after all i would never go back my pointers move away

Grindr has no reliable customer € ¦

Grindr has no reliable customer support, there is no power over a fake account or regulation over the amount of records that happen to be attached to a target or contact number, permanently already spammed by DM to outside artificial sites, users looking for drugs or offering offered drugs, as well as other individual services for the money, in addition, there are users who need Grindr to lure naive victims to themselves. login on some outside software like KIK where in fact the naive guy should upload a XXX photo showing the particular pose of these people After that go once more the snapshot of the whole Facebook profile of the guy and their relationships with the risk of paying for them 10k or his The photo could be sent to people on their FB contact list. Grindr has no power over the safety and security of people throughout the software, you won’t find many real guys on Grindr, but he is mature with ignorance, discrimination, rudeness and people. who show or have little regard or esteem for a lot of Authentics that this app experiences, Grindr should get rid of the blank pages making it mandatory to put face pictures on the profile, in addition to ensuring that a profile certainly does not remain in full.

There is no assistance service

There is absolutely no customer support. They send you an email with the procedures for voicing a suspended phone number (because you were suspended for nothing before) for you to write up a membership yourself. The thing is to get them back with you. When you take all the required measurements. Hate Grindr. On our way down and on our way here Fast

Prohibited without explanation.

Prohibited without cause. can’t even generate new accounts. worst organization ever

Please boycott

Please boycott which I didn’t need due to the lockdown as instructed, but don’t say why or come back to emails, let’s all stop using this trash! They think the gay neighborhood is a direct target and may just ban you and accuse you of anything just preventing you from using it kindly

A total waste, you receive even more spam € ¦

You will get additional information about spammers promoting sex services or suggesting to visit this amazing website or site. Funny enough your all document and admin are doing nothing nobody would believe that Grindr is actually giving these backlinks as they are trying to make money by marketing websites etc. Terrible application total waste of time ADMIN full trash I don’t think they are actually present if they are true

Unpleasant pigs

So I’m upset at this point I could just scream. The inventors of this software are pigs. Ignorant, ridiculous, rude and artificial waste of space!

The reason you may want to know. Because men about this app include illusions. Completely out of their mind. They will say one thing and then do the opposite. Spend time acting like they care about yourself and then often ignore or hinder you. You play the part of sincere, you play the part of a good, honest individual, and then you find yourself blocked or ignored. People here love video games. It’s all about management and I want you to understand that you have earned a lot better than now from dumping garbage. Your need is loved.

Antigay corp ambulation application

Take criminal activity software walks. This app keeps substantial rape crimes created wherever it warns the user not to use this software. Illegal blood flow on the hands Re: A walking criminal activity app. This app has massive raped criminal activity created all around, they alert user not to use this app

I never thought that becoming homosexual was an aa € ¦

I never imagined being gay was a mental illness until I spent a few days on grindr, now I’m not so sure. they are more of a fetish software after a gay dating site and in fact, that is really disgusting. forcing them to eat their own poo, or kicking them all into the era of b * lls 400 in twenty minutes with one that forced me to stop the grindr forever was actually the guy picking them up. folks to supply used rubbers so the guy can freeze the c * m and put it in his ** hole later .. it’s sick and fucked up. manage a perk yourself and erase this app while you still can because the ONLY thing you can figure out about it is the conditions and crazy visitors. like i said we never believe that becoming gay ended up being a mental illness but after finding out about grindr i just just don’t agree with that anymore but the only thing is clear i will see why more and more people think it is a mental disorder .. after damn keep grinding for an hour or so and you will see what after all and exactly why people think that way. these to take in their own crap after grindr will be the software for your family