The Achieve app wants to help you achieve your financial goals

Fintech applications in Ghana can sometimes cost a penny by the dozen.

In Ghana’s tech ecosystem, fintech apps tend to focus more on payments where users receive services to pay for utilities like airtime and data. There isn’t much differentiation in the market, unfortunately. Fortunately, there are a few payment apps that offer different types of funding services.

the Achieve Petra’s app is one of those financial apps that tries to differentiate itself.

With the Achieve app, users are “incentivized” to invest and save their money to achieve financial goals.

The main functionality of the application is “DigiSave” which invests the user’s contribution in a Income Fund Plus, a regulated mutual fund managed by Blackstar Advisors and owned by Stanbic Bank.

To deposit money into this account, simply “top up” using either your bank account (credit card) or your mobile money account. Once you top up money to the “DigiSave” account, you can watch your money grow. The app also features an explainer of what the investment terms mean if you’re unsure.

Savings goals

In addition to generating passive income with the Digisave feature, the app also has Economy Goals which allows users to save towards a user-specified goal.

Once you have set the amount you want to save, the date you expect to reach your savings goals, and the frequency of your deposits, the Achieve app will suggest the amount you need to deposit.

Suggested payments for your savings goals

Personal impressions

We have been using the Achieve app for some time and have very good positive impressions. The KYC process is quite simple and only requires a few personal details as well as identity verifications.

Reloading funds is also quite simple. We had no problem using our mobile money wallet or debit card to transfer funds.

Withdrawing funds from your account is not as instantaneous, usually taking around 2 days (in our experience) before you receive the specified amount in your bank account or mobile money wallet.

The app recently added an “express feature” that will allow withdrawal of funds on the same day for a fee.

In the age of crypto apps and NFTs where it seems like most people want a quick payout, the Achieve app is a great prospect for saving and earning money through mutual funds. This app is perfect for young people in Ghana as the culture of savings is not as good as more and more people are turning to betting apps and crypto to try to triple their money.

Ghana’s tech ecosystem does not (yet) have a local app for equities and sometimes the banking sector can be slow to use technology to help young people invest and save money. But the Achieve app is outstanding in helping users save towards their financial goals with a well-designed app that provides excellent user experience.

The application is available on iOS and Google Playstore.

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