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Take a look at your recent call logs and text messages and you’ll notice that more than half of them are from unknown numbers. Robocalls and robotexts are more prevalent than ever, with the FCC saying consumers receive about 4 billion such calls per month. These fake callers usually have the same mode; they pretend to offer you an extended warranty on your car, pretend to be an IRS agent, or promise to drastically reduce your student loans or cancel them entirely.

As the laws protecting consumers from these questionable calls change, it’s unlikely you’ll stop receiving them anytime soon. In that case, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. You can either pay a monthly fee to your network to free yourself from bogus calls, or save some money and sign up for a 2-year subscription to the trusted spam blocker RoboKiller.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on the App Store, RoboKiller is able to eliminate 99% of spam calls, so only receive the phone calls you want and are interested in. It uses a proprietary blocking algorithm that intercepts any fake incoming calls in less than a second, preventing your phone from ringing completely. Moreover, it also revenges the spam caller with its answering bots, so your scammers’ time is wasted instead of yours.

RoboKiller has a global scammer blacklist of over 500 million known phone scams to provide automatic protection. If you’re worried about missing something important, you can also set and adjust your blocking levels to make sure you don’t accidentally ignore a crucial call. Lots of advanced customization features are also available, including custom AI call filter, block and allow lists, call block suspension, and more. Moreover, in addition to calls, it also blocks 95% of spam.

“I was bombarded with spam about Medicare. I mean about 10 a day… Since installing RoboKiller I have had 0. It blocks them all. Well worth the price,” says verified buyer Gary S.

You too can take the headache out of unwanted phone calls and text messages. Grab a 2-year subscription to RoboKiller for just $39.99.

RoboKiller Spam Call & Text Blocker: 2 Year Subscription – $39.99

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