TRAI’s anti-spam app is no longer available on the App Store

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India’s DND 2.0 spam reporting application has been removed from the Apple App Store. After months of fighting authorities’ attempts to grant the app access to all users’ messages and phone logs, Apple created a workaround in 2018 that allowed the app to work. without such mass access. The app is the result of one of Apple’s most significant legal battles with the regulator. Although the iOS version of the software was removed from the App Store and TRAI website between April and August this year, Entrackr discovered it. Who deleted the app – Apple or TRAI – is not entirely clear. Apps that last three years without an update will be removed from the App Store, Apple said in April.

Application Removal Information

DND 2.0 was created to address an issue that TRAI, particularly under the chairmanship of RS Sharma, had worked diligently to address in 2017. In 2010, TRAI established a process for reporting SMS spam and implemented rules to ensuring that consumer complaints were dealt with in a timely manner. A few days.

However, until 2016, the only option to report spam was to manually send an SMS to a short code designated by TRAI, including the text of the message and the sender’s name or phone number. Since TRAI believed there should be an easier method, it introduced the DND app. At that time, the software would generate and send the report SMS by automatically retrieving the entire SMS inbox and call logs of a user. Apple, however, views this technique as an unacceptable invasion of customer privacy and does not permit any developer to obtain the entire call or message logs of consumers for any reason. Sharma was exasperated by the posture. In an interview, he claimed that “no company can be allowed to be the guardian of a user’s data.”

The percentage of phones sold and used in India in 2017 that were iOS devices at the time was a small minority, as it still is today. TRAI nonetheless used a substantial amount of its regulatory authority to pressure Apple into approving the app. A meeting may have taken place in 2018 when Apple proposed that its technical team meet with TRAI representatives to clarify its position. The 2018 draft Consumer Communications Preferences Regulations for Telecommunications, which TRAI recommended in response to its dissatisfaction, would have effectively killed Apple’s operations in India. A clause that would have prohibited the sale of any phone in India that could not run the DND app was included in the draft text.

Users could now choose specific texts from their message logs without having to first give a copy of all their conversations to another app, thanks to changes Apple made in its iOS 12 release that allowed developers to create an extension of SMS report for iPhone messages. application.

Since this extension seems to have been created only to put out a regulatory fire in India, TRAI is one of the few organizations to have adopted it. He seemed to be quite happy with the decision to release the extension on iOS and overcome the problem, until it disappeared from the App Store this year.

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