Truecaller introduces 5 new features to improve the application

Truecaller, for many phone users, is an application that helps identify unknown callers. This was of course the original purpose of the application. But today, it’s used for real-time spam reporting, enabling accurate and fast protection against scams, telemarketers, fraud, and more.

The Truecaller communications platform is moving forward with the announcement of new features for Android users that are expected to roll out in the coming weeks.

A voice call launcher for VoIP calls, password lock for SMS inboxes, improved call logs, simplified and quick call reason, face filters for caller ID. video caller and an AI smart assistant are among the new features. All these features will allow users to communicate in a safe, hassle-free and efficient way.

Here are the 5 new features coming to Truecaller:

Face filters for video caller ID: Built-in templates have been introduced in Truecaller to provide a more personalized and unique calling experience. This feature allows users to take selfies and use filters powered by virtual reality, allowing them to be more creative.

Improved call logs: Truecaller call logs have been changed to allow and support up to 6400 entries, up from 1000 in the old version. Users will be able to search call logs for call records as a result of this.

Improved reason for calling: Caller can add instant call pattern in Truecaller. For messaging, there are also various default settings. “It’s urgent”, “Can we talk?” will be some of the alternatives. Additionally, user can write any custom call pattern.

Password lock for SMS: Truecaller adds a text message lock to improve privacy. Users will be able to add an extra level of security by using a password lock. You will be able to use biometric or fingerprint authentication if your device supports it.

Voice call launcher: Truecaller Voice Call Launcher makes it easy to identify all your contacts who want to speak on Truecaller Voice. The new feature is only available for VoIP calls.

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