Truecaller launches Open Doors, a private communication app

TrueCaller is the market leader in caller ID and spam blocking for mobile users. Based in Sweden, the company regularly publishes reports on the state of the mobile communications industry and the dangers posed by spam and scam attempts. The company is now leveraging its experience to create a secure, private way of communicating.

“Thanks to Truecaller for 13 years in the business, we have spent a lot of time learning how people communicate,” said Nami Zarringhalam, co-founder of True Software Scandinavia AB. “Our new Open Doors app was born out of a simple question: How can we help people build new relationships without being intrusive? And that’s what we want to do: bridge the world using the most more natural, our voices.”

Users can easily join Open Doors by downloading it for free from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Existing TrueCaller users can join by simply pressing the button in their existing app.

Once installed, the Open Doors onboarding process is simple, requiring only verification of the user’s phone number. En termes d’autorisations, l’application ne demande que ce dont elle a besoin et rien de plus. Specifically, it needs the permission to make phone calls and access the user’s contacts.

Open Doors conversations happen in real time and are not stored anywhere. Cela garantit la confidentialité des communications et élimine le risque que quiconque écoute des conversations à l’insu des autres participants. En tant que fonctionnalité de confidentialité supplémentaire, les participants à la conversation ne peuvent pas voir les numéros de téléphone de l’autre.

Open Doors leverages a network effect to drive adoption, where each user’s contacts are invited when they join a conversation.

It’s obvious that Truecaller is trying to create the digital equivalent of a normal, everyday conversation, where people can come and go as they please. The company also trusts users to self-moderate rather than having a moderation system in place.

Given the features provided by Open Doors – as well as Truecaller’s history as a company that helps protect user privacy – it’s a safe bet that the app will quickly gain popularity.

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