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With a large number of UT events and parties each week, the crowding can be overwhelming. The students designed GroupMes, posters and social media accounts to share these gatherings, but math junior Johnson Dinh created Cove to group them together and make it easier to find events.

Dinh designed Cove for students, and the developers specifically targeted those attending college. The app organizes and brings together events happening near college campuses into one app for attendees to explore. He said a GroupMe for campus parties inspired his app.

“It was really cluttered with spam (and) people talking about random things. It was really disorganized and people kept missing things,” Dinh said. it’s so disorganized. It’s not in the same place.

During orientation this summer, Dinh said he met other students who shared his enthusiasm for Cove, and together they spent most of the summer building the app. One of those students was Cristian Aguilar, a general assistant who helps market the app.

“I got my orientation and he let me stay at his place for a week,” said Aguilar, a freshman math student. “I liked the idea so much that I moved instead of waiting until August, I moved in the middle of the summer and stayed with him. … It’s like I’ve been there since the beginning, supporting him.

Aguilar said that after the release of Apple’s App Store, he was amazed at the instant success of Cove.

“The number of users we were able to get in 24 hours is crazy,” Aguilar said. “It was 200. But seeing the growth from there, we’re almost reaching 3000 users on iOS alone.”

Avery Crouse, a first-year rhetoric and writing student, said she goes back and forth between Cove and other platforms to find events to attend. However, she said that as Cove grew, she began to transition to using the app exclusively.

“I prefer Cove because it’s more focused and I know exactly where to go for all the events,” Crouse said. “(With) social media, every organization has a different page. You have to search everywhere, and it just takes a lot longer to find events. With Cove, you can find events from organizations you’ve never heard of before.

While Dinh said he’s excited about the progress Cove has made, his team markets primarily through word of mouth and plans to expand the app even further.

“We’re just waiting for Android to come out because at the moment it’s purely Apple iOS, and we launched it only a month ago,” Dinh said. “We’re still pretty new.”

Dinh said the Android version of Cove: College Events will be released on November 2.

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