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Spam and robocalls are huge problems that never seem to go away. And while the FCC tried to kill spam calls last year, it failed. It’s safe to say that we still get far too many spam calls, robocalls, political ads and surveys, but Verizon’s latest call filter update appears to be putting users back in control. .

Last year, Verizon updated its popular call screening app and service to block numbers that look like yours or have the same area code. And while that’s great, sometimes these types of apps can block calls from a number you might need to answer.

Today, Verizon announced a new update to its call screening app called “Caller ID Categories” that will put us back in control. You will still notice a huge decrease in robocalls, as the app actively blocks and stops all the junk files we receive on a daily basis.

Now when Verizon Call Filter recognizes a call from a verified business that is not saved in your contacts, if the system detects that it is a real number, you will get a caller ID box. caller displaying one of the different categories. This way you can choose to answer a call from a “health” or “utility” number instead of sending it to voicemail.

Verizon says the Call Filter app is now more sophisticated than ever, and you’ll see category tags for potential spam. These categories include “health care”, “public service”, “telemarketer”, “non-profit”, “politics” and “polling”. From there, you can avoid that frustrating political inquiry that calls every other day or take a call from your local water or electric company.

Basically, it looks like robocalls will remain a problem. However, you will at least be able to activate or deactivate certain categories and potentially answer the few calls you want to handle.

The Call Filter app is free for all Verizon customers and has several features. However, you’ll have to pay $4 a month for Call Filter Plus to get features like this new caller ID system, spam search, blocklists, and Verizon’s spam risk meter.

Download Verizon’s Call Filter app today and get rid of some robocalls.

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