Website ushers in new era for Pittsfield Parade

PITTSFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) – This year’s Pittsfield 4th of July Parade, which has been named ‘Back with a Bang’, will also feature a new and improved website. No more mail to parade participants or donors; the catwalk can now be built entirely online.

The Pittsfield Parade Committee announced on Sunday that you can now go to and fill out the form on the homepage to join the festivities. No need to try and remember to fill out the form sent by post or search for an email that might be spammy.

On the new website, users can also view photos of their own entry from the previous year, learn more about the current parade theme and poster, and who is actually hosting the parade. The latest parade news and updates will also be posted on the new website.

Parade chairman Pete Marchetti said it was a “new way of doing business for us”, adding that “participants, sponsors, donors, spectators and those simply looking for information will find the process more convenient, efficient and easier to use”. Marchetti said all applications can be submitted electronically. “None of the sponsorship, application or waiver forms were available online to fill out online before, but thanks to this much-needed modernization, they are available today.”

Marchetti said applications were emailed this year as a precaution against the brand new website, but fears the unknown number is likely to be spammed due to contact details changes that occur each year for many. “That’s why this new process is so important,” Marchetti said, adding, “we need to update the new process as quickly as possible. And now we can.”

The next parade meetings will take place every two weeks starting April 13, at the Polish Falcons at 7 p.m. New volunteers are welcome to attend and participate, as new ideas are always welcome. Contact the parade organizers for more information at (413) 447-7763, or by email at [email protected].

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