What is Social DM app and is it a scam?

Earning $500 a day for spamming friends on social media is great, isn’t it? If you see Social DM offering this proposition, you should stay away.

social DM has made the rounds online as a free way to make money from social media – but is the app legit or is it just another scam to worry about? Online scams have been a problem since the internet has existed. Some people are determined to solicit money and personal information from other people and, unfortunately, internet scams make these activities easier than ever.

Even with the increased awareness of online scams, they are still extremely prevalent everywhere you look. A recent iCloud scam saw one person lose over $650,000 in cryptocurrency and NFT. the infamous squid game crypto scam carried out with approximately $2.1 million in funds stolen last November, and a similar crypto scam based around The Mandalorian costs a TikTok influencer over $10,000. The internet can be a sketchy place, and if you’re not careful about the sites/apps you visit, it could cost you dearly.


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This brings us to the Social DM app. Social DM started gaining traction in April 2022, and at first glance, it’s easy to see why. As soon as you visit the Social DM website, the page claims that Social DM “Is the direct way to earn $500 a day” and “Earn $500 today.” From there, the Social DM website explains how it works. Visitors are encouraged to create a Social DM account, invite their friends and family to do the same, and then withdraw their earnings from apps such as PayPal and Venmo. New users receive a $40 sign-up bonus when they join, plus $15 for each new person who joins their invite.

Is social DM a scam?

If it sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is. At its core, Social DM is nothing but a referral scam. Someone joins the site, invites other people to join, these people are responsible for inviting more users, etc. It’s a constant process of people joining Social DM and recommending others to do the same. It drives heavy traffic to the Social DM website, and Social DM gets people’s names and email addresses. Ultimately, it’s an endless cycle of people dumping opinions and personal information on Social DM in hopes of making a few bucks.

But don’t just take our word for it. A dedicated r/SocialDM subreddit is full of Social DM users complaining that the website doesn’t pay them as advertised. Social DM notifies users that their payment is approved for review, is successfully reviewed by the Social DM team, and then scheduled to send. However, nothing happens after that. Social DM says it will pay users on a certain day, that day comes and goes, and there is no sign of payment.

Even when a website like Social DM doesn’t ask for money/payments, that doesn’t mean it’s not a scam. Some scams ask for money, but others, like Social DM, are phishing scams that collect as much personal data as possible. It’s far too easy to give your name and email address to a website promising up to $500 a day, and that’s what Social DM is betting on. As such, it is best to avoid social DMkeep your friends/family members away and get on with your day.

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