What is the NGL Anonymous Messaging App and how secure is it?

Anonymous messaging app NGL, short for “not gonna lie,” is apparently all over Instagram.

How safe is NGL? And is it really “anonymous”?

According to a Screen Rant article, there’s a “Who sent this” button displayed below every message that says “anonymous.”

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Once you click on it, a pop-up will say “Pro members” can get hints about the sender of the message. However, if you’re worried about your crush finding out who you are, sit back and relax.

User needs to get a paid subscription to know “who sent this” and they would just know your phone model i.e. iPhone 13 and your location which is not basement in which you live. Then yes! We can remain “anonymous”.

However, the main problem with the app is that it can lead to bullying.

NGL says it uses language filters to prevent bullying. According to a report from NBC News, however, some sentences still made it. When NBC News reportedly tested the app, threatening or intimidating terms like “KYS,” which stands for “kill yourself,” leaked out.

However, language filters allowed more common bullying terms to get through, which is quite concerning. It includes phrases like “You’re fat”, “Everybody hates you”, “You’re a loser”, and “You’re ugly”.

Worse still, users whose posts were flagged for using inappropriate language were not blocked from immediately posting further messages.

However, the main concern of all apps, including this one, is data leakage. If you think about it, the person you’re sending the anonymous message to might not know who you are, but the app does. And, the data will remain in the company’s database, which will not make you “anonymous”.

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