What is the Raya app? The Private Dating App, Explained

Apps like Tinder, Bumble and Match are well known in the dating arena. But what’s going on with Raya? Here’s a closer look.

Everyone knows dating apps like Tinder and Bumble – but what about the mysterious one known as Raya application ? Smartphone apps are often difficult to follow. The well-known ones (like Twitter and TikTok) regularly receive new features and updates that keep the experience fresh. There are also tons of budding apps vying for their own time in the spotlight. Whether it’s Locket Widget, Spam App, LiveIn or something else, there’s always a new app to discuss.

One of the biggest app niches revolves around the dating space. Online dating has been around since the dawn of the internet, and thanks to modern smartphone apps, there are more of them than ever. Tinder is the go-to choice for most people. Hinge advertises itself as a “designed to be deleted” app. Bumble empowers women to take the first step. HUD focuses exclusively on casual encounters.


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Then there is the Raya app. The Raya app was launched in March 2015 exclusively for the iPhone – and it has remained that way ever since. And unlike other dating apps that virtually anyone can join, the Raya app is a private service that can only be used by people with approved memberships. Although Raya is nothing new, she came to people’s attention in April 2022 following reports that Ben Affleck was trying to contact sell sunset‘s Emma Hernan on the app.

The Raya app is like Tinder for celebrities

The Raya app

At its core, the Raya app is like any other dating app. You can like/unlike potential matches, view people’s profiles, video chat with other users, and use a virtual map to see other Raya users in your area. Although Raya is primarily considered a dating app, it can also be used for business networking or making friends. From this point of view, it is not very different from Tinder or Bumble. You download the Raya app, connect with the people you care about, and that’s it.

But this is where Raya differs markedly from the other dating apps mentioned above. Although anyone with an iPhone can download the Raya app, using it requires a Raya subscription. After downloading the app, users need to tap “Request Membership”, confirm their phone number, enter their basic personal information, and then submit their application to Raya for review. Everyone is also welcome to submit an application, although the acceptance rate is only 8%. If you enter the Raya app, you need to pay a minimum of $9.99/month to use it.

Raya app is best thought of as Tinder for celebrities. It’s not exclusively for Hollywood bigwigs, but it’s also not something the average Joe can use. If you are some kind of celebrity/influencer, Raya the app might be worth checking out. But for everyone else, it’s just something you’ll have to keep reading on the sidelines.

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Source: Raya, The New York Times

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