WhatsApp now has a native Windows app that works even if your phone doesn’t have internet

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app, has introduced a new native app for Windows PCs that will work even if your primary phone doesn’t have an active internet connection. The new app can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft Store and comes as the service introduced a feature called “Linked Devices” to help users simultaneously link up to four devices with a primary account.

The new feature currently allows several related devices to work on phones and PCs only, while WhatsApp said there is also a native app being created for Apple’s macOS platform. In the future, the company may also offer users the option to link their primary WhatsApp account to other phones as well as tablets.

WhatsApp’s linked devices feature comes as the company steps up its efforts to reduce spam on the platform. The company’s monthly transparency reports published over the past 12 months indicate that more than 24 million users have been banned from the service for spamming or violating its policies.


However, the linked devices feature of WhatsApp has a number of limitations. For example, even with the new native app on Windows, users whose primary WhatsApp account is registered on iPhones would not be able to view live locations shared via chats on any other linked device, nor would they be able to generate link previews.

WhatsApp also says that users using “very old” versions of the mobile app will not be contacted via linked devices, but does not specify how old those versions must be.

Granted, WhatsApp already had its services available on Windows before the native app rolled out today. However, previous applications were web services. The Meta-owned service claims that the new Windows app will provide a faster, smoother and more stable user experience than its previous web app.


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