Your Spotify app will soon feature original live audio broadcasts

The Clubhouse social audio app shot to fame in late 2020 and early 2021, and it didn’t take long for almost every other messaging and social media platform to hit their own version. Spotify has been working on its own audio room service for over a year, and now the company is rolling it out as Spotify Live.

Spotify said in a blog post on Tuesday: “Spotify Live can now be found both as the standalone app listeners and hosts know and love, and as an in-app live streaming feature. Spotify alongside your favorite music and podcasts.Listeners will be able to tune in to live programming on Spotify through the podcast or creator’s artist page, and if they want to join the chat or join the host on stage, they can head to the Spotify Live app to do so.


The new feature comes from Spotify’s acquisition of Betty Labs in March 2021, which at the time was developing a Clubhouse/Twitter Spaces-like app for sports fans called Locker Room. The app has been reworked into “Greenroom”, which has expanded the scope of sports and updated the design to better match Spotify. Today’s announcement marks the second name change and, more importantly, the feature coming to the standard Spotify app.

Spotify currently only allows live audio to “select original programming” in the main Spotify app, presumably to keep spam in the already cluttered app to a minimum. The first wave of audio shows scheduled on Live includes After Hours With Alex Cooper, King of the Court With Hasan Minhaja Swedish House Mafia live DJ set for the release of the band’s new album, and other content.

The existing Spotify Live app (formerly Greenroom and Locker Room) remains, at least for now, for anyone who hasn’t been invited to live in the main Spotify app.

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