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YouTube recently released several updates that the company is working on. This includes a few experiments and expansions in areas that fans have been calling for for some time.

For starters, spam and inappropriate comments is something that so many users complain about. And if you happen to be one of them, well, it’s your lucky day.

YouTube says it’s always looking for ways to improve the commenting experience for its creators. Many users have recently shared how they want to know when and if one of their comments has been deleted or not in cases where a particular Community directive has been violated.

YouTube says they are doing their best to try to protect the whole community from someone trying to spread hate and negativity via the comments section. This can be done via a single channel or a series of channels.

Therefore, the app is testing a new feature which is a comment notification that clarifies when and if their comment is removed for violating community guidelines. At the same time, the app is testing a new timeout feature that will put any user adding abusive comments consecutively on a pause to prevent this common practice. It would be up to 24 hours.

So what is the ultimate goal? Well, it is done to reduce the number of abusive or negative comments seen on an app. This is also done to prevent users from violating the community guidelines in place. Hopefully these users can take a moment to think about what they are doing wrong and try to change that to something more positive.

Next, the app is launching a new map visible in the content tab for Studio Mobile and Web in the app. This is done to allow users to view the number of views they are getting in different formats. Therefore, it could be in the form of vods, short films or even live streams.

It’s quite similar to the last performance map that was launched on the dashboard. It will review the ten latest Short Films, Vods and Live Streams on the app. The whole idea is to make you understand the classic range of the last 28 days. The app says that for live streams, all views are taken into account, whether live or archived.

YouTube also explains in detail how they approached a test launched last year regarding timestamps. This was a subset of community violations.

In this new experience, timestamps are available in emails and in the Studio call flow. This will happen whenever the app thinks some form of violation has occurred. Obviously, creators will receive more details about the violation in the Community Guidelines, as well as helpful resources in the Help Center related to a particular violation.

For better transparency, the YouTube platform has chosen to further extend this test. So now the company is offering coverage for at least three additional policies. Topics include child safety, s*icide, and self-harm, as well as those that include explicit or violent content.

Finally, the app has chosen to launch a new round of updates for its posts on the app. This will happen over the next few months and is designed to make it more fun, visually appealing, and super engaging. YouTube says the main goal here is to allow creators to have a deeper connection with all of their creators.

Content creators with access to the Community tab on their Android can take advantage of the feature that involves adding text, filters, and even stickers to posts right within the app. Soon it will also arrive on iOS.

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