YouTube Go app will be phased out by August this year

YouTube Gothe official data-saving thin client for Youtube the streaming service will be discontinued by August 2022. YouTube in a blog post announced “When we launched YouTube Go in 2016, it was designed for viewers in places where connectivity, data prices and low-end devices prevented us from delivering the best experience in the main YouTube app.”

However, since 2016, the low-end handset has become powerful, cellular connectivity has also improved, and the main YouTube app has also improved. “YouTube has invested in enhancements to the core YouTube app that make it perform better in these environments, while providing a better user experience that includes our entire community. Specifically, we’ve improved device performance for entry-level or those who watch YouTube on slower networks.”

The YouTube Go app lacked the ability to interact with YouTube content through comments and the app also lacked the ability to create and publish content besides a dark theme. For YouTube Go users, who love the data saving features, “We’re also creating additional user controls that help reduce mobile data usage for viewers with limited data – so stay tuned for more updates!”

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